The REACH Restriction on diisocyanates

Important dates for the Regulation

Under the REACH restriction, suppliers of diisocyanates must ensure that the recipient is provided with training materials and courses in the official language(s) of the Member State where the substances or mixtures are supplied. The training will take into consideration the specificity of the products supplied, including composition, packaging and design.

  • The training will be conducted either as classroom training or as online training by a consultant or by competent public authorities.
  • The trainings will be conducted through accredited trainers.
  • The user – either the employer of the user or the self-employed person – must document the completion of the training.
  • Each employee will have to be trained once every five years, with the content and training duration depending on the use of diisocyanates and the concrete task.
  • The transition period during which the industry must prepare for the training requirements is set to three (3) years as of publication in the official European Journal (that is, 24 August 2023).
  • The trainings must comply with provisions set by the relevant Member State in which the user operates.
  • Training can be conducted in various ways, including: on-site training courses, e-learning, integration of training into the product presentation.
  • The Member States must report on their established training requirements, the number of reported cases on occupational asthma and occupational respiratory and dermal disease, any national occupational exposure levels and information on enforcement activities.

A description of the restriction on diisocyanates can be found in entry 74 of Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation.

The member companies of ISOPA and ALIPA as well as trade associations of downstream users are working closely together to develop the required set of training material, which will soon be available in Greek too.