Guiding Principles and Codes

Based on the principles of the global Responsible Care programme, HACI has defined 10 guiding principles at national level.

Participation in Responsible Care® is signed by a company’s General Management and involves motivating its personnel to change habits pattern behaviours and improve their performance in addition to communicating relevant results.

The member companies of HACI that endorse their voluntary participation in the Responsible Care® programme commit to conduct business while actively pursuing the ongoing improvement of safety, health and protecting the environment.

In particular, companies required to:

  • implement the 10 guiding principles
  • respond to surveys carried out by HACI
  • draw up an annual report (Annual Reporting)
  • use the relevant logo

Guiding Principles


Furthermore, HACI has issued six Codes for the implementation of Responsible Care Guiding Principles focusing on the areas of Communication, Waste Management, Storage and Distribution, Process Safety, Pollution Prevention and Employee Health & Safety.

These Codes have been drawn up based on international experience and have been approved by all members who have endorsed Responsible Care.


Tools for SMEs

Cefic has issued a number of supporting tools, codes and guiding principles, specially designed for the implementation of Responsible Care in Small and Medium Enterprises.