Safe Use of diisocyanates – Online training platform goes live!

Training material in English has been published. As previously announced, the material will be available in Greek as of February 2022.
Trainings for diisocyanates users go live!
ISOPA and ALIPA are thrilled to announce that the online trainings for diisocyanates users are now live in English!
You can access the trainings by clicking here.
The platform is accessible across the entire EU and will be made available in all remaining EU languages soon, starting with German on 1st December 2021.
As you may know, the training programme developed by ISOPA and ALIPA aims to support stakeholders in the implementation of the EU requirements on trainings for diisocyanates users, which will become mandatory from 24 August 2023.
Further information about the training requirements is available on
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Let’s keep using diisocyanates safely for a sustainable Europe!
We need you to share the word about the trainings!
Now we need your help to share the word that trainings are becoming mandatory! To help you do this, a communications toolkit is available for download by clicking here.
A great first step would be to share the video message from the Secretary General of ISOPA and ALIPA Jörg Palmersheim on your social media or other online channels.
Do not hesitate to contacts us with any questions or requests regarding the communications materials.